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Key Features

Accurate scale outline and appearance
Functional scale cockpit doors with spring-loaded latches
Corrugated scale surface detail on the flight controls
Instrument panel and seat details included
High-quality wood construction with laser-cut parts
Two-piece, plug-in wings and stabilizers with aluminum tube joiner
Quick connect/disconnect struts simplify field assembly
Painted aluminum landing gear with scale fiberglass fairings
Scale color scheme finished with genuine UltraCote® covering
Painted fiberglass cowl with scale dummy engine
Ready to accept the recommended Evolution® 33GX gas engine
Adjustable EP motor box included
Preassembled fuel tank and complete high-quality hardware package included
Functional flaps for enhanced flight characteristics and realism
Ready to accept Hangar 9® 1/4-scale floats (HAN454512)—sold separately

Needed To Complete

Gas (Petrol) Setup
- 6+ channel transmitter and receiver
- (7) sport digital servos
- Receiver pack
- Engine
- Ignition battery
- Propeller
- Battery charger

Electric Setup
- 6+ channel transmitter and receiver
- (6) sport digital servos
- Brushless outrunner motor
- Speed controller
- Flight battery
- Receiver pack
- Propeller
- Battery charger

Primarily known as a “bush plane,” the de Havilland Beaver is distinguished for its ability to excel deep within territory where neither surface vehicle nor average pilot would venture lightly. The Hangar 9® DHC-2 Beaver 30cc ARF is built with the scale RC pilot in mind who wants a giant-scale model that’s as versatile as it is realistic. Its impressive stance begins with a huge 110-inch wingspan, but you’ll enjoy great performance using just a 30cc gas engine. Construction is an evolution of Hangar 9 tradition where only the best materials in balsa and plywood are selected for use with our modern processes, form assembly, tab alignment rigidity and laser-cut part accuracy. The result is an aircraft in final form that has sacrificed the least amount of scale authenticity to achieve the best appearance and most especially flight performance.

Scale Outline
The easy flying characteristics, plus the outstanding attention to scale detail and outline make the Hangar 9 DHC-2 Beaver 30cc an excellent model for first-time and expert giant-scale pilots alike.

Excellent Low-speed Performance
The operational flaps offer short field operation and are a popular for intermediate and expert pilots who want to replicate full-scale performance.

Working Doors
Both sides of the fuselage feature scale-shape doors that open wide to allow generous access to the interior where included scale details such as pilot seats and an instrument panel can be found. We recommend the Hangar 9 1/5-scale civilian pilot figure (HAN9119) for an accurate appearance in flight.

Corrugated Control Surfaces
Corrugated surface detail is factory applied to simulate the aluminum sheeting used on the full-size rudder, elevator, ailerons and flaps for control surface rigidity.

Fiberglass Details
The radial cowl and landing gear fairings are painted to match the Hangar 9 UltraCote® covering. The sculpted shape of the wing tips is also replicated in fiberglass.

Two-piece Wing and Horizontal Stabilizer
The two wing panels that make up the 110-inch wingspan slide on over an aluminum joiner tube and pin into the fuselage sides with rods and a nylon thumb-screw. Each airfoil shaped wing-strut adds to the structural support and secures in place with a quick-release mechanism. Each half of the horizontal stabilizer connects to the tail section with an aluminum joiner tube to provided support, assembly and storage options that make the DHC-2 easier to maintain and transport.

Genuine UltraCote Finish
The all-wood airframe of the Beaver is finished in genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote covering which is well known for its durable finish, brilliant looks and ease of maintenance.

Optional Floats and Strut Set
The DHC-2 Beaver 30cc can be converted into a float plane when you add the optional float strut set (HAN454512) and floats (HAN4580)—sold separately.

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