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This is the radio controlled, glow, gasoline or electric powered, ARF,
Great Planes 27% Edge 540 Performance Series Airplane
For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Fliers.
Fully 3D and IMACC Compatible IMAA Legal.

FEATURES: Construction: Balsa and plywood
Wings: One-piece, built-up, with short aileron linkages for smooth
accurate control, wood and aluminum wing joiner
Covering: Factory applied Top Flite MonoKote, color scheme is blue
and yellow with red accent stripe
Radio Compartment: Plywood construction, accesible under canopy
Cowling: Factory painted, fiberglass construction
Canopy: Vacu-molded clear plastic
Wheel Pants: Factory painted, fiberglass construction
Landing Gear: Painted fiberglass
Main Wheels: Two 3.5" (89mm) diameter foam
Tailwheel: Prebent wire wire with 1" (25mm) rubber tailwheel
Rudder control: Ganged dual servo, pull-pull for glow engines or tail
mounted dual servo control for gas engine (for balancing purposes)
(forward mounting position recommended for electric operation)
Aileron Control: Dual servo (one servo in each wing half)
Elevator Control: Tail mounted dual servo control
Spinner: 3.5" (89mm) diameter aluminum, 2 blade spinner with adapter
nut designed to fit into tapered prop nut used on the O.S. Max
1.60 FX glow engine
Engine Mount: Two-piece adjustable
Fuel Tank: 24oz (720cc) approx. suitable for glow fuel only, can
be converted for gasoline usage
Hardware: Great Planes brand, IMAA legal
Building Time: Ready to fly in several hours
Warranty: Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company guarantees this
kit free from defects in both materials and workmanship at date
of purchase.

INCLUDES: Pre-built and covered wings, fuselage and tail assemblies, pushrods,
decals, pre-bent main landing gear, tailwheel wire, 3.5" (89mm) main
wheels, 1" (25mm) tailwheel, adjustable engine mount, fuel tank
3.5" (89mm) spinner, aluminum wing joiner, hardware package and
photo-illustrated manual

REQUIRES: Engine: 1.60-1.80 cu in (26-30 cc) 2 stroke
OR 1.80-2.10 cu in (30-34 cc) 4 stroke
OR 1.90-2.60 cu in (32-43 cc) gasoline
OR 63-62-250 RimFire Outrunner Brushless motor, 100A ESC and
33.3V - 44.4V 3200mAh battery
Muffler: Pitts-Style (Engine mounts on its side)
Radio: At least 4 channel radio with electronic mixing recommended
for ultimate 3D flight performance
Receiver Battery: At least 1500mAh capacity
Servos: 6 high-torque (2-elevator, 2-aileron, 2-rudder) 1 standard
torque for throttle (heavy duty servo arms required for servos used
on control surfaces)
(6 servos required for electric flight)
Servo Extension 24": 4, 2 required for aileron servos, and 2 for
elevator servos - HCAM2721 if mounting receiver in aft radio tray
2 36" [914mm] servo extensions for the elevators if mounting receiver
in the forward radio tray (HCAM2726)
2 more 24" [610mm] servo extensions for rudder servos if mounting in
them in the aft location under the horizontal stabilizer and using
the aft radio tray (HCAM2721)

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