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REVELL 03302 T 34/85 1:72

Código: 196363

$ 12.990

Ubicación Apumanque (Estantería): P9IF3 (Pasillo 9 Estantería Izquierda Casillero F3)

Ubicación Apumanque (Entrepiso): E2B2

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REVELL 03302 T 34/85 1:72

Skill level: 4
Scale: 1:72
Length: 112 mm
Parts: 135

Stalins shock weapon

When the T-34 hit the front lines, it made a devastating impact on the German advance into Russia. German tanks, heretofore masters of every battlefield, were suddenly under gunned and under armored compared to their opponents. As the war drug on, German tanks improved and so the Russians designed the T-34/85. This new model T-34 carried an enormous 85mm anti-tank gun. With newer and better tanks continuously rolling out of Russian factories, the Red Army turned the Wehrmacht around and beat them all the way to Berlin. Kit features rotating turret, 85mm gun, and two sets of decals.

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